The human being in the invisible world is an informationally complex space-oriented entity that exists consistently in six dimensions simultaneously.

The Eternal Wisdom allows the human being to transform himself spiritually and to know the hidden essence of past and future events.

                            From the "AllatRa" book

The "AllatRa" book reveals exclusive information: about the Personality of man and his Soul; about subpersonalities and the related phenomena; about the dual nature of man: about the processes of his Spiritual and Animal origins; the importance of the dominant ideology and its influence on the choice of Personality, which predetermines its after-death (of the body) fate. For the first time in history, in the "AllatRa" book, we can see unique pictures of the human's Soul in a state of transition after the death of the physical body; it contains unique primordial knowledge of the multidimensional human structure in the invisible world, about the human's connection with other dimensions, about his exceptional capabilities in addition to the third dimension. It answers the question of why a person needs an overabundant brain and the existence of multi-level consciousness, what is an altered state of consciousness, how a gradual immersion in it happens. The book describes ancient spiritual practices for working on yourself and for achieving merger with your Soul, for development of the sixth sense, and contact with the spiritual world. It tells about the nature of supernatural powers (clairvoyance, clairaudience, reading other people's thoughts, prescience) and the duality of its manifestation for human; the importance of work on oneself in cognition of the processes of the invisible world. And also about the Personality's dual position and influence on the world as an Observer. 

  • Soul is the most precious thing in man. Science about the human being.
  • Photographs of the soul
  • The emergence and structure of the universe
  • Ancient parables about the most important
  • The meaning of a person's spiritual development. How to gain true immortality
  • What is hidden behind the superpowers
  • What happens to the dead. What is a subpersonality
  • What unites all people
  • The ancient spiritual practices
  • Working signs affecting your life
  • Woman's creative source/nature
  • Ancient civilizations' Knowledge
  • Science of the future
  • Holy Grail - the power over power
  • How can humanity survive in an era of global cataclysms
  • Building of a creative society without priests and without politicians

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