Sensei of Shambala. Book IV

Real freedom starts when a man rises above this world, above material desires, when every day, every hour he lives for the sake of his soul, replenishing its treasury with good deeds, good thoughts and help to others. When a man lives not for personal egoism and significance but for the sake of other people, for the sake of God.

"To be a human, to live up to the highest spiritual purpose, to do what one can to assist people -these are the real values that can be gained in this world and taken into Eternity. Everything in this world has a Beginning and an End.  But only for those who attain the Supreme by their thoughts and deeds, the End becomes the Beginning."

"Temptation of this world attracts, only God guards against it. One who does not know the essence can not withstand the temptation. The one who knows the Truth will see the essence even if it is hidden. The Light of the Truth will shine through dense darkness for the one who seeks the Truth even if all of the darkness will oppose the Light. Because the time has come to open what has been hidden for centuries. Because it is time to tell the Truth."

Even though this book is a continuation of the previous series of the books, it can be considered to be an independent work, taking into account the amount and quality of information it contains. It is precisely in this book that Sensei, in his easy manner, shares with his friends the deep knowledge of the world history covering a period from the times of Ancient Egypt to present day. It includes a fascinating story about Imhotep, who came from an ordinary family and, due to his knowledge and labor, was able not only to achieve a high public post and become a second-in-command to the Pharaoh, but also to reform the system of state management in such a way that the most talented and highly moral people, regardless of their social origin,  could hold responsible positions. And as a result, Egypt had reached a level of such social development that it was not able to achieve in all of its subsequent history.  
Apart from that, the book contains detailed information about Archons (mentioned in the "Sensei of Shambala" Book 3) - a small group of people who aspire, due to their ideology and considerable capital, to supreme power all over the world.  A story is told about their clan formation, the methods of their destructive work in various countries at different times, about secret organizations established by them and those crucial moments in different nations' history which were provoked by their helpers.  It contains samples of the Archons activity on a larger scale. We can find a story about creation of the USA, by whom and for what purposes  " the  most democratic country"  was financed and established. How the First and the Second World Wars were prepared and financed, and who in reality had gained from these global wars. You will find less well-known information about international politics connected with Suez Canal, about large-scale machinations of Archons in foreign policy and little-known facts about creation of The Statue of Liberty. It also contains information about when the Archons plan to launch a Third World War.
In addition to that, the book contains information about life and public work of the famous scientist Omar Hayam, about mercenary use of his work by Isaak Newton. It depicts life stories of some famous people who affected the course of history. It has interesting cognitive information for physicists and astronomers. The possibilities of nanotechnologies are also mentioned. As well as real outer space achievements of humanity.  It contains a lot of interesting facts of mythology of various nations. In addition, it has insightful information about history of Christianity origin and activity of Jesus and Maria Magdalena as well as Peter and Paul . Which events and myths of the past were used by John in his Revelations. It contains facts about The Order of Knights Templar. It has the most impressive information about mystery and unknown history of the Grail.

  • A butterfly, who had matured in a cocoon, even without having flight experience, bursts the cocoon and aspires to fly, for this flight instinct is embedded at the genetic level. Same with a man who while performing the Spiritual practices, following more the knowledge of the soul than the conscious experience of his life, does not wait for the cocoon to open on its own, but bursts this cocoon of matter by his own aspiration and by experience gained in spiritual practices
  • When a man realizes that part of the eternal - his soul- is his true nature and his life is really infinite, that beyond this plane, there is an eternity, and he has a real chance to enter it by breaking out of the material spell, then he starts to awaken, to realize this reality without illusions. Then he begins to understand that all the values of this material world are nothing. No matter how much health and material wealth you have , it is all just a one-moment mirage. Moreover, it is far from heaven here. Because in order to live you should constantly take care of your matter, which must breathe, eat, satisfy its daily requirements; in addition, it can become ill, depends on climatic factors, various magnetic and physical fields, depends on Moon and Sun, on the activities of other beings and so on. Is this a life? It is just a struggle for existence, wasting one's strength on short illusory moment. Including the valuable strength that could have been spent on liberation of the soul from these circles of "hell"
  • The wars and revolutions do not happen for no reason. The one who provokes it, profits from it. The war is a sorrow for ordinary people. But for Archons and their henchmen-financiers, war is a very profitable business. Some extend their sphere of influence and others increase their capital. But ordinary people suffer
  • If a pure glimmer of light reveals itself without any shadow, then it merges into a single ray with the overall Light. But if a shadow appears instead of the glimmer of light, then pure Light repels the shadow to its milieu. Because where there is shadow, there is no Light. That is the point
  • If people desire to see the Light, then they not only perceive its purity but also spread it to others. And with every new flash of light in the world, it becomes less dark. If a person who sees the light, puts it out, then darkness extends its possession. Everyone, who has embraced the light, becomes its bearer. And only a person's own choice defines how much more light there will be around him, and in the whole world, overall

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