Sensei of Shambala. Book I

The highest meaning of each individual's life is the cognitionof his soul. Everything else is temporary and transient, just dust and illusion.

At first glance, the story of a Youth meeting Wisdom seems naïve. But this ordinary perception is just an illusionary barrier, a skillful trap set by our Ego on the path to the perfect Spirit. The one who will overcome it, will discover more for himself than he would dare hope for. Hail to the Winner – because Knowledge will be his prize, because the Truth will be revealed to him. 
This is a very powerful book. After reading it, one feels an unusual burst of energy, of heartfelt vigor. And what is most striking - it is universal in every sense and is relevant for any age! It is in the category of those books that you open to any page and lose yourself in reading, finding there that something innermost to you. 
The story is told in first person. This book reveals the inner world of a sixteen-year old girl who suddenly finds herself face to face with death. This prompted her to rethink her life and the search for answers to eternal questions: "Why does a person live, what is the meaning of life? Who am I really? Why are most people on earth - believers? After all, if they believe, that means they are hoping for something. How do the great ones achieve inner immortality? What is hidden behind the concept of the essence of Human?"
The unbridled energy of her inner search leads her to a meeting with an unusual, highly erudite man, a master of martial arts and a very mysterious Personality - Sensei.
Impacting one to the depths of the soul, Sensei's extraordinary worldview, his fascinating philosophy and knowledge about the world and man, about dynamic martial arts, his wisdom in everyday situations, the alternative medicine and ancient spiritual practices (including effective techniques of combating negative thoughts), the phenomena of human capabilities. By coming into contact with the Sensei's world, the heroine comes to know all this and more. But most importantly, she finds the answers to her main inner questions.


  • The human is an intelligent creature. His main force of action lies in his thoughts
  • All great things are ridiculously simple but it takes a lot of hard work to master them
  • Destiny guides a man by, known only to it, complex journey of finest interrelations, natural phenomena, intricately bound paths of certain occurrences and coincidences. At the very end, it leads to a concrete event, the final crossroads of the life’s path. Life is unpredictable and anything might happen in it, even the most unbelievable, that which you can’t even imagine
  • A young body is in no way an indicator of the age of the soul
  • Fear begotten by imagination sees danger even where there is no danger at all...
  • The one who possesses healthy thoughts, possesses health. With healthy thoughts there is a sound mind and with a sound mind - a healthy body
  • The greatest victory is the victory over oneself. This means to defeat your own negative thoughts, learn to control them, and learn to control your emotions
  • There should not be anything negative in your mind. Only positive thoughts! Then you won't have to spend time fighting with yourself, and your actions will always be positive. Peace should be, first of all, inside of you. Peace and harmony
  • Faith gives birth to knowledge, and knowledge strengthens faith. And without faith, no miracles are possible in this world
  • Thought is a real power. A lot greater than a person can imagine. Thought is capable of moving planets, of creating and destroying entire galaxies, which was originally proven by God Himself

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