Predictions of the future and the truth about past and present

...And if we look on a larger scale, for example, at nations? To gain power, people are ready to walk on top of heads, to go to any lengths only to attain their purpose, - Ariman was saying instructively. - Why do you think they need this power? In order to satisfy the needs of people?! Of course, not! They do it exclusively for themselves, in order to satisfy their own delusion of grandeur and to increase their personal capital. They are aware perfectly well of the fact that they are the puppets of the powerful of this world, that is why they catch every single moment and take from this power everything they can grab. Many commoners consider them the ideal of humanity. But in reality, they are the same as other people, no better. The difference between them and you is that they are more crafty, more agile and confident. There is no use in waiting for alms from them. They can give it only if they stand to gain from it personally. And even then, they throw it to people like a bone to a hungry dog, making his mouth water at the sight of the "generous owner."

The latest events in the world- the economic world crisis and the geopolitical changes make everyone wonder about the causes of their origin. If we arrange the whole mosaic of the current events out of separate news fragments, it may seem that behind all of these messes and sudden changes which are bursting into the life of every person, are the forces, concrete people, possessing the main part of the world assets, whose names are not announced.  Nevertheless, they are the real "puppeteers" of the world multimillionaires. They are the ones who have decided to provoke actions, the purpose of which is to destroy a major portion of the world’s population in this difficult for humanity period of global climate changes on Earth.
What are these forces, their plan of action, the history of existence as well as their methods and techniques of controlling the masses - this information is stated in simple terms in books by Anastasia Novykh. The literary style of these books allows intelligent people to cognize more than is being said and to observe and compare globally the separate pieces of information, to find a key to the solution, by comparing with what is happening around and adding new information. "The world elite" is just a small group of people in comparison with all the humanity. They are able only to make plans. However, implementation of their plans depends exclusively on the human mass, on every individual's personal choice. And the choice is made on the basis of complete information. The future is in everyone's hands now!

  • It does not matter which circumstances you found yourself in or which obstacles the fate put in your way, you have to live as Human with a capital "H". It means to become a Human yourself and to help people around you. The main thing in this life is to be free inside in Spirit, free from this material world, and to go towards God without turning off this path. Then in your external life, you will be of maximum benefit to people and live the life worthy of Human title. And herein lies the great mystery! Become a human here and now in this selfish, material world. Be like the Lotus flower that grows out of the swamp’s mud, but acquires ideal cleanliness! Because you are the Human and you have His seed inside of you!
  • The real freedom is when a man rises above this world, above the material desires. When a man lives every day and every hour for the sake of his soul, replenishing its treasury with good deeds, good thoughts and help to others. When a man lives not for personal egoism and significance but for the sake of other people, for the sake of God.
  • After all, the main meaning of humanity’s existence is to improve the spiritual nature, it is in a chance of everyone to become a Human. However, I would like to emphasize once more: every person has a right to make his own choice!

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