Contemporary science affirms that slicing of atom's energy results from the wave characteristics of electron. What is electron made up of and how it transforms from participle to wave and vice versa? What initially determines the quantum states of chemical element's atoms? These and a lot of other questions become clear upon knowing the basics of PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS.

The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS  contains basic knowledge of the primary principles of physics of fundamental particles and patterns of their interaction. It is, indeed, an evolutionary breakthrough for the world science, which still remains at the stage of researching of epoch-making discoveries of hundred years' standing. This knowledge touches upon the full spectrum of fundamental and interdisciplinary research in various scientific fields: from physics of microcosm to cosmology, including unique information on fundamentals of neutrino physics and astrophysics of elementary particles.



The report "PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS" was prepared by the international research group ALLATRA SCIENCE of ALLATRA International Public Movement under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. The report contains information on the origin and structure of elementary particles, on  primary principles which make up matter, interrelation of elementary particles and cosmology in relation to unified field theory, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, alternative energy sources, and so on. It shows the importance, scale and timeliness of the latest knowledge in the field of fundamental and  applied physics. It presents  answers to the main,  unsolved heretofore questions of contemporary physics and relevant explanations.

The material is intended for the initial familiarization of ALLATRA International Public Movement members with the fundamental principles of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS.


  • Prolongation of human life beyond species' limit is a reality of today
  • Safety, or How to secure autonomous life for the humanity under extreme climate conditions on Earth and in space
  • Climatic geoengineering, or What are the principles of operation of the adaptive mechanisms for deterring global cataclysms
  • Air, food and water. How to obtain ready-made high-quality foodstuff, clean air, and drinking water
  • The report presents the calculations of the reactions that lie at the basis of : controlled thermonuclear synthesis; reactions of proton-proton cycle (pp-cycle); reactions of carbon cycle (CN-cycle); protonuclear reactions; nuclear reactions with the participation of neutrons; reactions with the participation of α-particles...

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