Spiritual practices and meditations

Meditation is one of the oldest tools for understanding the world and oneself, for man's spiritual development. Over the millennium, the living conditions of society and civilization have been changing. But the man himself, his inner dual nature remains the same: that of the animal nature and of the spiritual nature. Consequently, the issues of spiritual development and ancient effective methods of self-development have not lost their relevance. The subtleties of the mechanisms of influence of meditation on the person still remain a mystery to science, as admittedly, does the man himself.

The Personality can consciously develop spiritually and, having merged with the Soul, become free within a single lifetime! 
- Rigden Djappo

This collection includes the main meditation techniques (meditations/prayers) and spiritual practices from books by Anastasia Novykh, which have become, for many people in the world, a guide on the road to self-improvement, self-knowledge, and of their spiritual path.These are, in many respects, unique books. They make it possible to perceive the basic underlying keys to much secret knowledge about the world and human, to understand the spiritual essence of the various religions, to broaden their horizons in practical matters of the spiritual formation of the person, and to achieve inner peace and happiness.  
 The books by Anastasia Novykh give those primordial spiritual revelations-truths out of which all of the world religions were born and which are now lost in many ways. For, the inner strength, which is transmitted through her books, contributes to the spiritual awakening of man, gives him wings of the spirit of the Truth, and inspires to the spiritual transformation of himself and the surrounding world. However, every reader will be able to understand it himself once he opens the spiritual depths in himself by experiencing his true spiritual nature.  
 Anastasia Novykh's books answers many questions. Who am I? What is the meaning of my life? How to understand myself? How to stop suffering and learn to control my thoughts? How to change my life and my destiny? What is the true nature of man? What is science keeping silent about (human structure in the invisible world) and why is there still this conspiracy of silence?  
 What happens to a person after death? Does he have a soul? What is the soul, the personality, the connection between them and what is their purpose? What awaits the soul, the personality, and the body after death? What are the secrets of the universe, of micro and macrocosm? What is the Animal mind? How to study the system of the material world and learn to live without its encoding influence? How not to become a slave to this world? What awaits the human being and humanity in the coming decades? How can one change oneself, one's destiny, life of the surrounding society, in order to survive in the conditions of global cataclysms and gain spiritual salvation?


  • The brochure sequentially presents, first, meditation techniques similar to autogenous training, and then the fundamental spiritual practices that contribute to the spiritual development of man.It should be noted that spiritual practices contribute to the development of phenomenal, i.e. psychic abilities. But do not try to achieve these side effects. The main thing is the spiritual development of man. After all, life is too short to be wasted on that which is temporary and mortal. For a millennium, people have used these ancient ways of understanding the world and themselves, and through meditation, achieved significant results not only in the physical realm but also, which is especially important for the person - in the sphere of spiritual self-improvement
  • The booklet is designed as a quick guide, a reminder of some meditations from the book series "Sensei" and the "AllatRa" book to help those who have already read these books.But it does not give a full insight into the aggregate body of knowledge laid out in books to help those who are following the spiritual path. For, the spiritual path does not mean a simple implementation of a set of meditations as just another hobby. The spiritual path is a way of life. Meditations are only a set of tools. And on their own, without understanding the essence of construction and of the final result, tools are meaningless. That's why, for those who are not familiar with the books, I would recommend first reading them carefully so as to become a craftsman, who is skillfully wielding these tools in order to form his spiritual destiny

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